The Lightpath Healthcare Services Suite   was created to provide the network reliability and communication services that today's healthcare technologies require. This comprehensive collection of services is designed to support EMR solutions, simplify remote consults and facilitate the clinical programs that promote wellness, enhance patient care and lower operational costs.


Top radiology practices, long term care facilities and over 70% of hospitals throughout the Tri-State area rely on the Lightpath network. We are dedicated to the communications needs of our world-class healthcare community, and to delivering the solutions that improve patient outcomes and help save lives.

Lightpath Healthcare Services Suite includes :
Data Services, Hosted Voice, Video Transport and the Conference Bundle

The Lightpath Healthcare Services Suite enables healthcare organizations to:

  • Gain the reliable, high-bandwidth needed to support PACS Imaging, Electronic Medical Records (EMR) and Computerized Physician Order Entry (CPOE)
  • Host web conferences to educate the community about disease prevention
  • Enable clinical staff to collaborate more effectively with intuitive conferencing tools
  • Decrease average length of stay and raise HCAHPS scores with support for the lastest telehealth technology programs
  • Control and manage costs with predictable flat-rate billing


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