The Lightpath Government Services Suite   was created to help local governments and municipalities meet today's challenges and control costs. This comprehensive collection of services delivers the communications services needed to support existing infrastructure, grow new programs like teleworking, and improve public services.

For more than 20 years, public officials throughout the New York Metro Area have been relying on Lightpath. We provide the communications solutions that enable our local governments to operate more efficiently keep our communities connected and increase residents' satisfaction.


Lightpath Government Services Suite includes :
Data Services: E-Line & V-Line, Internet Voice Bundle, Toll Free and the Conference Bundle

The Lightpath Government Services Suite enables government agencies to:

  • Maximize residents' accessibility to government services
  • Implement telework programs that help the environment and reduce costs
  • Use collaboration services for Judicial, Human Services and other departments
  • Improve transportation management with synchronized traffic lights
  • Support disaster readiness with built-in network redundancy


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