In the financial services world,   low latency solutions, speed, reliability and data security deliver a competitive advantage. That's why leading financial service providers trust Lightpath to meet their business communication needs.


Our Metro Ethernet network is unsurpassed in meeting the challenges and demands financial services firms face. Our innovative products and managed services include:
Internet, Low Latency Optical Transport, Metro Ethernet and Virtual Private Ring Service.

Lightpath enables financial firms to:

  • Make high speed, reliable and secure on-demand decisions with ultra low-latency data solutions
  • Deploy and support a variety of mission critical applications, including systems for enterprise resource planning (ERP), electronic data interchange (EDI), and customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Ensure business continuity by mitigating risk through proven network resiliency and diversity
  • Run disaster recovery, independent of other network providers, so you're always up and running


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