The Lightpath Education Services Suite   was created to provide the communication services that are essential for today's learning environments, even as budgets continue to be cut. Educators can deliver media-rich learning experiences, improve technology infrastructure and meet increasing government regulations with a cost effective, comprehensive collection of services.


Lightpath works closely with local school administrators and understands the benefits and challenges that accompany new technologies. By removing the complexity of implementing and managing communications services, we make it easier for educators to apply the academic tools that streamline operations and improve student performance.

Lightpath Education Services Suite includes :
Private Fiber Network, Internet Voice Bundle with SIP, Hosted Voice and the Data Services

The Lightpath Education Services Suite enables educational institutions to:

  • Expand online curriculums and deploy distance learning programs
  • Increase parental involvement via email updates and online progress tracking
  • Host faculty meetings across multiple campuses easily
  • Support professional development of teachers for mobile learning and more
  • Control costs with combined services and predictable flat-rate billing


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